My Kelly Man



Basically, the first 2 pages are about me as, after all, this is MY web site but work is in hand to update this site since mobile-me has ended.

my movies links to You Tube where my movies will be posted.

Travel blog is an ongoing journal of my trips away from home.

movies blog is a blog about films I have seen

comic blog will be a blog about comics I have read

art blog will be a blog about anything to do with art and will have stuff I, and others in the family, will have done as well as art I like.

other pages may be added as needed.

But, meantime, these are links to my other web sites: this is my first one, and then there is another, which is my main blog-cum-diary, and, which is my google webpage, and my blog, which is also courtesy of google.

I also appear in the TES!


links to other pages:

Whilst I have tens of thousands of photos only a handful of them are of me. So I decided to pick the best and indulge myself by plastering them across this webpage. But if you want to see other photos, there are some here at my mobile me gallery: